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Papageno originated as an overall concept:

It's a tailor-made performance to be experienced as an enchanting evening walk. 


The entire walk breathes a magical atmosphere, thanks to different lighting elements and installations, that immerse the visitor in the story. 


The legend of Papageno is a story about love and about how light overcomes darkness. 


It 's based on Mozart’s opera “Die Zauberflöte” which has different interesting aspects and themes that form a perfect background for our walk. Meet the Queen of the Night, Tamino, Pulcinella and Papageno and our fire guards, who take you along a breath-taking evening stroll.

With the support of

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Ell Circo D'ell Fuego

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De Schorre - Boom

To be booked separately installations 

Aparte vuurinstallaties


Fireball Cranes

This impressive moving installation shows the time.

As the fire intensifies this fireball will soar.

  • 4m high

  • Required ground surface: 5x5m

  • 4 Pieces available

  • Estimated consumption: 0.125 m³/h/ basket

L'Arbre de Vie


10-Numbers of beautiful old  lampshades  illuminate the dark forest in a  fairy-magical  fairymagical_cc781905-5c

  • As an illumination of landscape elements or as a signpost for a trail

  • Electricity to be provided

Feu Suspendu

fire pits

These night flowers awaken when awakened by the fire keepers. The plant pattern slowly becomes visible and the viewer will be enchanted by the splendor of this installation.

  • 2.2m high

  • Required ground surface: 2.5x2.5m

  • 6 Pieces available

  • Estimated consumption: 0.125 m³/h/ basket

fire garland

The hanging braziers

Several braziers are hung like the wax on the washing line and illuminate the path.

  • 12m  Lang

  • 3m high

  • 2 Pieces available

  • Soft base for anchoring with pickets, or counterweight required

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