design and construction

What once started with an extraordinary question, came to life in the workshop of De Machienerie.

De Machienerie quietly built a mythical animal, a giant, the Lierelei for two years at the request of De Gezellen van 't Groot Volk. A creature; made up of three Lier elements; the eel twisting, the pigeon market and the privilege of the sheep market.

Thanks to the co-makers and partners involved for the trust and great cooperation. As a theater company, you don't get this unique opportunity to make history every day.

The Lierelei could be admired during the Lierse Ommegang on Sunday 2 and Sunday 9 October 2022. 

Credits: Johan Beckers - Bakuro

Credits: Jeroen Broeckx



Creatie: De Machienerie vzw o.l.v. Joris Janssens

Atelierwerking: Joris Janssens, Steven Hufkens, Britt Tack, Frank Tack, Maarten Janssens, Jeroen De Sadelaer, Roxane Ronot, Inge Embrechts

Creatie schapenkop: Dajo Peeters

Vleugels: Luis Alatorre

Conceptvisualisaties: Lio Verdonck, Rani Gregoire

Technische uitwerking: Eva Florizoone, Robrecht De Roey

Productie: Marie Couwenberg