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Les animaux perdus

In ‘Les animaux perdus’ the animal circus revives in a contemporary way, with a nod to this vanished circus culture. We immerse the spectator in a total experience where poetic visual installations, circus disciplines and classical music go hand in hand.

The visitors will encounter various circus animals and their trainers in a theatrical installation: a dancing pink flamingo, a fire-breathing hippopotamus, a sad elephant and... What’s their story? 

The music is inspired by Le Carnival des Animaux from 1866, by the French composer Camille Saint-Saëns.

Total concept (outdoors) with 5 stages spread over a route; combined with a night-time fire and light walk. Playing time is 4 hours.

Concept and scenography: Maarten Janssens
Actors and acrobats: Louise Buysschaert, Saar Suffys, Jeroen De Sadelaer, Lisa Patoor, Korneel Willem e.a.; Dramaturgy: Greet Vissers; Construction and objects: Jeroen De Sadelaer, Justine Demougeot, Olivier Sion, Rani Gregoire e.a; Music score: Peter Spaepen; Pyrotechnics: Divi Divi


- Premiere December 2024 -

Putteke Winter, De Schorre (Tree)

With the support of

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Tax Shelter

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