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The Queen of the Night is always looking for Only Ones - the last of the animal species. As long as there are Some, the Queen does not feel lonely. She regularly sends her animal catcher Papageno to catch the last remaining specimens of a species and bring them to her in the Palace of Darkness. As long as there are Only Ones the Queen will live, but every time an Only One dies, a part of her also dies.


The Queen of the Night has a daughter, the Moon. When it turns out to be gone after a long day and not in the sky, the Queen asks Prince Tamino to rescue the Moon from her captor and bring her back to the Palace of Darkness. After all, the Moon is her only point of light in the dark Night. Prince Tamino, enchanted by the beauty of the Moon, immediately sets out on a quest. Papageno is ordered to accompany Tamino and immediately continue his search for Some Ones. The animal catcher fears the Night and does not dare to refuse an assignment like this.


With her daughter gone, the Queen of the Night feels lonelier than ever. Only the Zoo of Some Ones can offer her comfort.

During their journey, Papageno and Prince Tamino soon learn that the Moon has not been kidnapped, but has just escaped the yoke of the Queen of the Night. 

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