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Les animaux perdus

In 2023, De Machienerie will create a new performance based on the following themes:


Le Carnaval des Animaux - Grande Fantaisie Zoologique("The Carnival of the Animals") from 1886 is a 14-part composition for ensemble or small orchestra by the French composer Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921). In this unpublished composition (during his lifetime), Sain-Saëns depicts a number of animals. It is mainly the characteristic features of the animals that are depicted, somewhat mockingly, but also very strikingly.

The circus is dead, long live the circus! Animals in circuses are prohibited from the Royal Decree of 2 September 2005. After 2 centuries of building a solid foundation on this, there is a shift

within circus culture. We have to look for a new identity and presentation. But what happens to the lion tamers, crocodile trainers, the camels and elephants themselves? Suddenly they are on the street.


With these 2 themes, De Machienerie will work towards a new circus experience. We are not talking about an everyday known circus code. No room or tent, no classic set-up or the expectations of a contemporary performance. It is a total atmosphere and visual representation that we create. The spectators will experience this world for themselves. You don't sit passively on a chair and look like a fourth wall

please. No, in this story the visitor becomes part of the performance.

The moment you walk in you are in the performance.

A performance in which the installations are the decor and framework.

A performance in which you walk the stage with the actors and are sucked in with it.


In the story of “Les animaux perdus” the animal circus is depicted in a contemporary way without animal suffering, with a big nod to the extinct circus culture. We immerse the spectator in a total experience in which poetic visual installations, circus disciplines and classical music go hand in hand.

- Première december 2024 -

Putteke Winter, De Schorre (Boom)

With the support of

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