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From its inception, De Machienerie has focused on building itself. Building is part of his DNA. In that sense, a creation is not an obvious process, because the visual aspect is crucial for the success or failure of a project. Many technical and constructional obstacles have to be overcome time and again, since the company's ambition also lies in further expanding its expertise.

The kind of concentration required here is different from that in a creation where the emphasis is on the artistic inquiry and its physical elaboration. This does not mean that these two elements are not present in a production process. The relationship is just different here.


Developing one's own unique visual language that helps in the search for theatrical interventions, narrative and dramaturgy, characters. This artistic process continues, and refinements are made where necessary.


Artistic freedom is essential.


With its poetic and theatrical installations, De Machienerie gives a positive image to the spatial environment. The impact that the work has on urban contexts is attractive to the various players in the art field.


Lierlei - Lier

What once started with an extraordinary question, came to life in the studio of De Machienerie.

For two years, De Machienerie quietly built a mythical animal, a giant, the Lierelei at the request of De Gezellen van t Groot Volk. A beast made up of three Lier elements; the Lier eel twisting, the Lier pigeon market and the privilege of the sheep market.

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Mammoth - Hoboken

A very special find has been made in Hoboken. The remains of a mammoth have been found in Park Broydenborg. The district gardening service came across the remains of the animal during maintenance work.


Archaeological excavations will be conducted throughout the weekend.

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An Orangerie was built to show off the expensive and exotic trees brought over from distant lands and colonies. Well now, this unique mobile Orangerie, built from hundreds of handmade stained-glass windows, was built to show off as a gem for your event! 


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This attraction is called  Kräken, after a large mythical creature that lives in the sea. The boats of this swing installation are equipped with mythical sea monsters that let you fly higher and higher.

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