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Daredevils, dreadnoughts, ladies and gentlemen: your attention please!

This is your last and only chance – exceptional, peculiar and never shown before:  

Animalium, aka the Zoo of (almost) extinct animals, exclusively presented by adventurer and world traveler Karl Haegenbeck himself.


 Exclusive, never seen before.. the Baji dolphin, presumed extinct, of which mister Haegenbeck discovered the very, very, very last specimen in the ferocious Yangtze river in China...


Enter Animalium – (at your own risk of course) – and be amazed by the wondrous magnificence of nature. Sir Mr. Haegenbeck will guide you in person and tell you first hand about his mind-boggling adventures that led him to the farthest and wildest corners of this planet. 


Please do not talk to Mr. Haegenbeck, unless he talks to you first. Do not feed the animals, because they are in critical condition. No abrupt movements. No ice creams.


Be amazed by the first world wonder: Nature. Behold.. Animalium.


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