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The Epic Game between the gods and a lone sea traveller

A father and his daughter watch with interest as a savvy man manages to capture an entire nation and then sail home across the world's oceans. They decide to play a game: with each roll of the dice, they provide the man with an obstacle on his return journey.


So he gets in his path: a sorceress, bird-like women and one-eyed giants that he must overcome. In this evocative heroic epic, father and daughter take each bet.


Will the man make it home, or not?

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Bilingual performance (Nl, Fr)

50' min

Premiere July 2022

Reworking of the ancient story of Odysseus by Homer.

Production : De Machienerie (BE)

Co-production : Théâtre la Licorne, Dunkirk (FR), MiraMiro, Theater op de Markt (BE) 

With the support of: Région Hauts-de-France, Flemish government

photo: Sigrid Spinnox


With the support of

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