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The theater company De Machienerie focuses on making poetically visual installations in a world where the dreams of  bricoleurs poétiques are true. 

//Les Animaux Perdus //

The story of "Les animaux perdus" depicts the animal circus in a contemporary way without animal suffering, with a big nod to the extinct circus culture.

We immerse the spectator in a total experience in which poetic visual installations, circus disciplines and classical music go hand in hand.

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- Total concept, fire and light walk.

- Premiere December 2024

Street theater

A village fair full of extraordinary machinery, absurd intermezzos and stunning attractions, all operated and manipulated by fair folk aswell as spectators.

winter walk

Papageno by De Machienerie is a magical performance inspired by Mozart's opera “Die Zauberflöte”. It is a story in which love and light expel darkness.

theater workshop

De Machienerie has a beautiful workshop in the Blikfabriek in which both small and large projects become reality. We build decors, bascules, Chinese poles and create installations for the scenography of larger events. 

Still playing
// Odysseus - Ulysse //


Father and daughter. Zeus and Athena. Two gods who rule the world. They watch with interest as a clever man manages to trick everyone and then sails home across the world's seas. read more

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