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The world they live in, is one of wood and steel.

The Machienerie has been established with the intention of creating visual, poetic stories, which always have a cross-over link to street theatre, puppetry and circus.

A village fair full of extraordinary machinery, absurd intermezzos and stunning attractions, all operated and manipulated by fair folk aswell as spectators.


Papageno by De Machienerie is a magical performance inspired by Mozart's opera “Die Zauberflöte”. It is a story in which love and light expel darkness.

During an evening walk we take the visitors into an enchanting world full of lights and fire.


De Machienerie has a beautiful workshop in the Blikfabriek in which both small and large projects become reality. We build decors, bascules, Chinese poles and create installations for the scenography of larger events such as Wintervuur festival 2019 and Putteke Winter.

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Follow our adventure

info@machienerie.be - Zilverboslaan 12, 2950 Kapellen - BE0838.345.561

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