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Cabinet of curiosities

In 1862, construction workers find the remains of a mammoth in Fort 8, Hoboken. Something two collectors are only too happy to include in their fiery cabinet of curiosities.


We go back in time and take you on an exotic adventure. Be blown away by shows from acrobatic conjoined twins, a multi-headed opera singer, a flying snake woman, two ringmasters and… a mammoth.

Voorstelling Fort Hoboken.00_01_59_07.Still007.tif
Voorstelling Fort Hoboken.00_15_40_03.Still010.tif
Voorstelling Fort Hoboken.00_25_27_20.Still018.tif
Voorstelling Fort Hoboken.00_06_40_02.Still008.tif
Voorstelling Fort Hoboken.00_30_23_17.Still023.tif


Duration 45 min. 

300p grandstand or more negotiable

15x15 m playing area  


6h construction - 4h dismantling 

Sale: Lisa Patoor +32 479 66 57 18

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